Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Just A Minute" by Wess Stafford

A compliment, a hug, a kind gesture, a word of praise….just a minute can make the biggest difference in a child's life. But these moments can make a difference both good and bad which is why we must ensure that when we cross paths with a child we do what we can to make the most of that moment.

In Just A Minute: In the Heart of a Child, One Moment Can Last Forever, Wess Stafford, President and CEO of Compassion International shares stories and experiences from many people to show readers what a difference can be made in a child's life in just one moment. We can all think back to a time in our early years when someone either believed in us or tore us down and how those experiences have shaped who we are today. You don't have to be a parent to help a child discover their true potential.

Stafford is just the right person to bring this book together. He grew up as a missionary kid in the poorest areas of the Ivory Coast and has spent 34 years advocating for children with Compassion International. The stories he shares come from people of all backgrounds, ages, experiences and cultures. This is an extraordinary collection to inspire and motivate you to action and to help God's children.

This book touched me in so many ways. If you're familiar with child sponsorship organizations like Compassion International you will know how important it is for us to reach out around the world. You will be familiar with how important our financial assistance and words of encouragement are to young children living in poverty. But this book will also show you how to the children in our immediate lives our words of praise, encouragement and love can make as big a difference.

I really enjoy books like this. I am always motivated by the stories of others when it comes to serving others in our daily lives. If you were to ask me what my "minute" was in my childhood I could tell you the entire story right away. That moment has stuck with me throughout my entire life and always motivates me to keep on going when times are tough. I know how important it is now as an adult to do the same for a child.

As Christians we know the importance of caring for others and this book will show you how, give you ideas and help you identify opportunities in your own life to make a difference. I highly recommend it and thank Stafford for writing this book.

I would like to thank Kelsey from the DeMoss Group for providing me with a copy of this book. The opinions expressed above are purely my own and I have received no compensation.

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  1. So, tell us the story of your "minute"! You mention it but didn't tell us the story.
    (did you know that you can share it with Wess and the world at

    Just a Minute didn’t just touch my heart, it stirred me to action. It’s a great collection of stories of pivotal moments when someone spoke a word of encouragement, or noticed a child, or named that child’s strength—and the results lasted forever. After being inspired by these stories, I decided it wouldn’t take much for me to offer that kind of encouragement. I have been much more intentional, since I read this book, in slowing down a little, making time in my life to give love and attention to children--my own teenagers, a friend's preschoolers, even children I don't know but happen to encounter in my daily life. I've tried to take just a minute to speak words of affirmation--not just to kids but to anyone I happen to interact with!